Concrete Healthy and Safety

At Bestmix Concrete & Screed, we adhere to stringent and uncompromising concrete health and safety rules. To avoid any injury or incident, we highly recommend you peruse the below concrete health and safety guidelines before commencing your construction project. Feel free to contact us if you require further information.

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Bestmix Concrete & Screed have the latest mobile computerised volumetric batching plant which gives you the flexibility to order the exact amount of concrete you need, even if you need different mix designs. Due to the fact that we can control the flow with pinpoint precision, you can be certain of only having to pay for the exact amount your construction project requires. In addition, our approach to volumetrics provides you with the flexibility to mix a range of different concrete designs in a single load – we work with high efficiency and accuracy.

Protective Clothing When Handling Wet Concrete

Protective clothing should be worn when handling wet concrete, particularly on the arms, hands, legs and feet e.g. long-sleeved clothing and gloves with full-length trousers and impervious boots. Respiratory protective equipment should be worn during the surface treatment or cutting of hardened concrete where dust is generated.

Where skin contact occurs with wet concrete, either directly or through saturated clothing, the concrete must be washed off quickly.

It is important not to sit or kneel on the wet material as harmful contact can occur through saturated clothing. Inhalation of concrete dust should be avoided.

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Storage and Waste Disposal

The hardening of concrete can be delayed, extending the period during which the precautions given above should continue to be taken and during which access by unauthorised persons should be prevented.

Unused hardened concrete is inert but should be disposed of in accordance with local legal requirements. Where eye contact occurs the area must be immediately and thoroughly irrigated with water.

We follow all relevant health and safety procedures, and make sure to complete all necessary safety regulations and paperwork.

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